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I am Oladeji Oluwaseyi Hybee10x, a high performance coach, seasoned & certified Project Manager and IT Consultant with vast experience in project management and IT Consulting across private and public sector. I hold a number of IT & management certifications including MBA, M.Inf.Sci, PMP, CISA & COBIT5.

I welcome you, other business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals to this email challenge on Starting Your Next Project Right.
Great projects often start with great hopes and expectations. But if a project isn’t initiated correctly, then those hopes and expectations have a shaky foundation, and your project can drift off course and head for disaster.

It is common to look at project management as a thing for only the big guys. We all, especially SMEs, need to brace up and leverage principles to further increase chances of project success.
In the cause of running our businesses and organizations, we all manage projects in one form of the other.
Whether you are:
1. planning office relocation
2. organizing a naming/wedding ceremony
3. building a software
4. doing house restructuring
or any form of project, it is key that you learn the proper principles to position it for success.

Do you know that over 70% of projects fail to achieve proper success.

The failure could come in many forms including:
- cost overrun
- missed deadlines
- scope creep
- or the ultimate failure of not achieving customer satisfaction

That might seem overly dramatic, but it’s true. You must anchor your project at the outset by providing it with structure.
Of course, there are many steps in the successful execution of a project, but project initiation is the first and, in some ways, the most important step.
Get that part right, and you’re on your way to getting the whole project completed on time and on budget.
I would try as much possible not to tell stories in the moon. We would relate to real business and life scenarios.
I have picked a sample project for which we would project manage, initiation level only - a WEDDING CEREMONY.
I don't want to choose construction because most people think PM is only about construction.

What to expect
In this email course, we would cover several key areas that must be clarified before proceeding into planning or execution.

Deliverables and their attributes, client expectation, acceptance criteria, key stakeholders, assumptions, constraints and lots more.
Please stay tuned as we jump right into the challenge tomorrow.

Send their questions/comments to me on Whatsapp on 09099576339 or mail me on [email protected]

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