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GEM Center for Human Capital Development was established on the premise of necessity in February 2016. We aim to address the ever increasing need for high quality, purpose-driven training for professionals and enthusiasts in general. Our training sessions are conducted either at our center or clients' location. Our courses are tailored towards four main areas:

  • Information Technology
  • Management
  • Enterpreneural
  • Agro-allied

These areas have been carefully chosen to address the peculiar need of Nigerians and provide a solution to the knowledge gap in these areas. Apart from our aim to further enhance the careers of the working class, we are working towards reducing the rate of unemployment by organizing periodic empowerment seminars aimed at giving the populace an array of sources of income with little capital.

To be a Leading Centre of Excellence in Providing Premium Training, Sharing Knowledge, Conducting Research, and Providing Effective Consultancy Services through Developing and Implementing State-of-the-Art Training and Capacity Building Programmes in Partnership with National and International Stakeholders”


  • To promote a culture of learning that will fully support the rapid development of the Country
  • To collaborate with local/international training agencies for knowledge sharing.
  • To develop and implement state-of-the art programmes in partnership with national and international stakeholders through best practices
  • To address the problem of unskilled work force by empowering employees with the needed training
  • To provide affordable training for individuals willing to broaden their scope


  • Our main strength is in ensuring high quality delivery and followup!
  • We follow official curriculum, and guarantee superb training materials that are developed by professionals.
  • Convenient Training Methods: we understand & appreciate the fact that every learner is unique. Hence we offer flexible classes with appropriate follow-up to improve your skills.
  • Unique courses: Our courses have been carefully selected to ensure it is what you need to improve and move on to the next level.
  • Networking: We understand the power of networking and its benefits. we therefore provide a convenient environment for our participants to interact with one another.
  • Our courses are geared to making our training participants more productive and highly skilled.

Contact us today and experience a unique training that is specially designed to give you that edge you so much desired to stand out from your peers.

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