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Essentials of Web Technology [19th April, 2017]

Attend this FREE 1-Day Crash Course, lets train YOU to master the latest web technologies for your personal/corporate benefit

Gain a quick mastery of web technology and related terminologies.

This is a broad-based course covering technical, theoretical and design areas, concisely delivered. You will develop an understanding of computing, web technologies, programming and interactivity alongside skills in visual design, creative thinking and interface.

Web Programming Bootcamp: A 3-week [25th February to 18th March] Crash Course

Attend this 3-week bootcamp & lets train YOU to master the art of web programming!

This course provides the foundations for creating robust, reliable, usable, accessible and attractive web applications. You will be introduced to the basics of computational problem solving and fundamental concepts, tools, and frameworks for writing web programs . At the end of the course, you would have mastered the art of writing web programs for solving real world applications.


Intermediate Class: Learn This Tool To Build Powerful Web Applications Easily Without Coding (Oct 15 & 16)

Build Powerful Web Applications Easily Without Coding in One Weekend

  • Learn super easy skills to decompose a complex problem into a set of simple steps!!
  • Overview of Drupal field API / CCK and templating system
  • Introduction to Drupal Views, Rules and Panels
  • Use the Drupal "aro meta" (Views, Rules & Panels) to develop a sample application: PUNCHNG!


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