Project Management - Why It is a Critical Skill For Entrepreneurs/SMEs For Business Success [Whatsapp e-Seminar]

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Friday, September 1, 2017

If you think project management is only for the big guys, think again.

Project management is a powerful business tool for businesses of any size.

An entrepreneur who hopes to create a sustainable business out of an idea that he or she has, will realise that professional project management practice is one of the most significant skills to be mastered.

As small business owners, we often make the mistake of thinking that when we're small, we don't need to develop processes.

Not true! Even if you are an entrepreneur/sole proprietor, you need to have a standard way of approaching projects.

Think about the projects in your business.

A project doesn't necessarily have a huge budget associated with it.

A project is any activity in your business that has a distinct deliverable/result and a clear beginning and end.

We all have a lot of those kicking around both our office and our homes.

So, now the question:
- How well are you leveraging right techniques to manage them?
- If you're an entrepreneur, do you have the project management skills you need to build your business?

The good news about project management methods is that they are easy to learn and apply.

And with the power of project management behind you, there's no business goal you can't reach!

GEM Center for Human Capital Development hereby presents this high-impact 3-day WhatsApp e-Seminar for you and all those involved in managing projects/business of all kinds.

Lead Facilitator: Oladeji Oluwaseyi Ibraaheem M.Inf.Sc,PMP,CISA,COBIT5 (
*Registration*: *FREE* but register here to be added to the WhatsApp group

Batch 1: 3rd - 5th November, 2017.
Batch 2: 10th - 12th November, 2017.
Time: 6pm - 9pm.
Venue: Online via Whatsapp on 09099566480

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