Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Training, Ibadan 1st Batch

Training Date: 
Saturday, September 21, 2019

<h2><strong>Interested in one of Nigeria's most comprehenisve and engaging project management training?</strong></h2>

<p>GEM Center For Human Capital Development hold PMP trainings in Lagos &amp; Ibadan.</p>

<p>We are the provider of choice with years of experience training candidates for the Project Management Professional Exam by the Project Management Institute in the United States of America.</p>

<p>Though times are tough, learning from the eagle, it is a great time for the determined to soar and get an edge!</p>

<p><br />
Worldwide, knowledge and certification in Project Management has proved to go a long way in facilitating enhanced salaries, career progression and flexibility to move between business sectors.</p>

<p>Join us for the upcoming PMP training sessions</p>

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<h3><em><strong>Location &amp; Date</strong></em></h3>

<p>Ibadan&nbsp; [Weekend/Weekday]<br />
Ground Floor, GEM Building, KLM 2, Arulogun Road, Off Odogbo Barracks, Ojoo, Ibadan</p>

<p>Batch 1: Sept 21, 22, 28, &amp; 29, 2019 (Last 2 weekends)</p>



<p><br />
<strong>Time</strong>&nbsp;[Classroom]: 09:30am – 05:30pm (Saturdays), 12:00pm – 05:30pm (Sundays)</p>

<p><strong>Time</strong>&nbsp;[Online]: 7:30pm -10:30pm<br />
<br />
<strong>Facilitator</strong>: Oladeji Oluwaseyi Hybee10x MBA,M.Inf.Sc,PMP,CISA,COBIT5 (</p>

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<strong>Why become PMP certified?</strong></h3>

<p>-&nbsp; You will be separated from the crowd; good edge in recruitment and career progression<br />
-&nbsp; Better you, better pay! It Illustrates personal drive to further your credentials, knowledge, and professional abilities<br />
-&nbsp; You are globally recognised<br />
-&nbsp; Will expose you to mainstream thinking on project management standards, techniques, best practices, and current trends&nbsp; &nbsp;<br />
-&nbsp; Opens doors to new clients as your PMP credential may help your company win business, making you more valuable to your firm</p>

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<strong>Payment Options</strong></h3>

<p><strong>Bank:</strong>&nbsp;Guaranty Trust Bank Plc.<br />
<strong>Account Name</strong>: Edawah Technologies Limited<br />
<strong>Account Number</strong>: 0030212250<br />
For registration after payment, please contact Azeezat on 07056660449 | [email protected]</p>

<p><strong>Online Payment</strong>:</p>



<p>- Detailed course materials<br />
- Hundreds of sample PMP exam questions<br />
- Simulated 200-question mock exam at end of training, multiple-choice, computer-based online exam<br />
- Tons of 'get-me-started' project management templates to enhance understanding and practicability<br />
- Case studies and project management documentaries<br />
- Real-life application and understanding<br />
- Conducive learning environment (Lunch, small chops &amp; free Wi-fi for classroom option)<br />
- Course outline based on PMP Handbook<br />
- Participants get a Certificate of Training as required by the Project Management Institute, USA<br />
- Followup including support and guidance in registering for the PMP exam<br />
- We train you to pass the PMP exam at first sitting!<br />
- We equip you with the skills &amp; techniques for delivering projects successfully, predictable and consistently!</p>


<h3><strong>Who To Attend</strong></h3>

<p>- Professional individuals: Telecom,IT,Banking,Real Estate,Manufacturing,Civil Works, Construction,Oil &amp; Gas etc<br />
- Prospective managers and other leading roles in a company.<br />
- Middle and top level officials for career boost<br />
- Entrepreneur/ Self-employed who wants to know best practices for managing their business</p>


<h3><strong>Course Outline</strong></h3>

<p>- Introduction to project management and its processes<br />
- Project Integration Management<br />
- Project Scope Management<br />
- Project Schedule Management<br />
- Project Cost Management<br />
- Project Quality Management<br />
- Project Resource Management<br />
- Project Communications Management<br />
- Project Risk Management<br />
- Project Procurement Management<br />
- Project Stakeholder Management</p>


<h3><strong>Learning Outcomes</strong></h3>

<p>- Manage the scope, cost, timing, and quality of the project, at all times focused on project success as defined by project stakeholders.<br />
- Align the project to the organization's strategic plans and business justification throughout its lifecycle.<br />
- Identify project goals, constraints, deliverables, performance criteria, control needs, and resource requirements in consultation with stakeholders.<br />
- Implement project management knowledge, processes, lifecycle and the embodied concepts, tools and techniques in order to achieve project success.<br />
- Adapt projects in response to issues that arise internally and externally.<br />
- Interact with team and stakeholders in a professional manner, respecting differences, to ensure a collaborative project environment.<br />
- Utilize technology tools for communication, collaboration, information management, and decision support.<br />
- Implement general business concepts, practices, and tools to facilitate project success.<br />
- Apply appropriate legal and ethical standards.<br />
- Adapt project management practices to meet the needs of stakeholders from multiple sectors of the economy (i.e. consulting, government, arts, media, and charity organizations).<br />
- Apply project management practices to the launch of new programs, initiatives, products, services, and events relative to the needs of stakeholders.<br />
- Appraise the role of project management in organization change.</p>


<h3><strong>Some Organizations We Have Trained for</strong></h3>

<li>University of Ibadan</li>
<li>Oyo State Government</li>
<li>Meed Networks</li>


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We Have Trained People From

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