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Sunday, April 14, 2019
GEM Center for Human Capital Development hereby presents another You v2.0 Seminar. We present to you a WhatsApp e-Seminar titled: IMPROVING YOUR DECISION MAKING SKILLS How many decisions do you think you make during the average day? Dozens? Hundreds, perhaps? Psychologists believe that the number is actually in the thousands. Some of these decisions have resounding effects over the course of our business & personal lives (like whether or not to acquire that new software, choose a spouse, or decide on career path), while others are relatively trivial (like whether to have a meat pie or Amala for lunch. Effective decision making process is vital for all organizations. It is the process of making a selection among other alternatives. Mostly uncertain circumstances may effect all the judgements. In the existence of uncertainty we use the decision tree analysis technique to make right choices. Join us for the upcoming training. Lead Facilitator: Oladeji Oluwaseyi Hybee10x MBA,M.Inf.Sc,PMP,CISA,COBIT5 Registration: Send "i am interested" to 09099576339 on Whatsapp Fee: FREE Date: Sunday 14th April, 2019 Time: 5pm - 7pm. Venue: Online via Whatsapp For enquiries & more information, please contact Kafayat on 09099576339
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